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Body treatments


It is one of the most used in the West, due to our accelerated lives and the repetitive movements that we make; we do not give the muscles the necessary time to recover.
This massage allows us to undo contractures and relax the muscles.

Relaxing massage
It is an excellent anti-stress. It is a massage that does not focus on the points of pain or contractures. It focuses on the emotional side. It uses maneuvers that have relaxing effects.

Warm oils
Californian massage performed with the warm oil that comes from the heat of the candle. It moisturizes the skin, and has a highly soothing effect. It is
enriched with berries, lavender, or vanilla oil. It is a highly sensitive massage and relaxing that leaves the skin scented.

** Book before the massage by phone at 93 812 28 52 or by email at info@masalbereda.com